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Friday, January 5, 2018

Being prepared......ready for the unexpected!

Yeah, I haven't written in several months....probably six months. My writing took a back seat to my  painting which I suppose could have been the subject of at least one blog entry. Alas, it wasn't.....then.

So today I had an epiphany of of those "a ha" moments when you go dannnnnng!! Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day and mostly all evening completing a demo piece I needed to do for a class on creativity I'll be teaching on Monday. Normally my demo pieces are done on top of previous demo pieces so as to not waste (topic for another blog entry) the canvases and well, they're "just demo pieces". There's that mindset. I gave "demo" a bad vibe. Though I didn't choose a previously used canvas to paint on I also did not choose one of my Gallery wrapped canvases because after was just a demo.
My Muse laughed as I began to paint.

I learned a lesson......demo's and masterpieces are one so be prepared and ready to treat them as such 'cause you never know what your Muse has planned!!

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