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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Been awhile..

What's to say....I've been slackin'.  Did two days of exercise and nothing more. Everything else became more important. Especially sitting. AAArrrggghhh!
OK, so it's a new day! Went shopping yesterday and bought food to eat. So today eating breakfast of Kashi cereal (measuring out the 1 cup) with almond milk. Packing a lunch - so I won't be tempted to eat whatever I see! Taking an apple, a pear, a salad and a healthy choice meal. I bought some of those special K protein drinks - the french vanilla - and they taste pretty good! I was surprised. One of those will be for dinner. Imma have to go to bed "early" so I don't get the late night TV munchies!!!! Not that I have anything to munch on in my house (except carrots & some celery)!
This "lack of stick to it tiveness" is creeping into other areas of my life! Gotta Do Something about that - only I can change my life!!! What to do when I come home from work? Hmmmm. Now that it's not as hot as it had been I could take up walking the Dutchess again. Yea, yea. Or I could come in and work on the hundreds of drawings I started or teach myself color theory or how to mat my own drawings!!! Any number of things I could do! First I must totally commit myselt to trusting in God that I can do!!!! Gotta strengthen my faith! And that comes with practice and prayer!
I'm back at it folks!!!

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